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Castlegate Community Group

Char Lane's Home
Community is part of the life of every Christian. When Jesus saves his people, he saves us into a new family, his family, the Church. We are meant to love, encourage, support, etc, one another. Yet, because there are so many people and we can be in a rush, it’s sometimes hard to build those relationships on a Sunday morning. Hence Community Groups.
Our Castlegate Community Group meets at the Char Lane's house Tuesday afternoons @ 2:00pm. It is a smaller-group (5-10), and includes people of all ages. Basically we want it to be like a party where everyone is welcome! We fellowship together each afternoon, then either have a discussion based on the Bible, or we do various missional projects to reach our neighbors together.
This group is “open” and welcome visitors any time. Seriously, you can just show up! Contact Josh for more details